Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend recap

We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend...much needed after a work week from hell for both of us.

After my pit stop to pick up Justin's valentine's gift; I came home from work to a vodka and Red Bull waiting for me. We sat at our kitchen table playing Nertz (best card game, EVER!), drinking some adult beverages, and eating chips with dip until about 3AM.

We slept late on Saturday to catch up on a little bit of sleep. Soon after Justin got up, we decided to make pizza for lunch. Quick and easy dough from the box and sauce from a jar. We continued our Nertz marathon as we ate lunch. We played for another 3 hours or so when we decided to take a short nap before dinner (yes, lots of relaxation!!).

For dinner, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse because we had gift cards from Christmas (we are in money saving mode). We both got the white cheddar and bacon stuffed filet. It was soooo good!!!

After dinner, we came home to play more Nertz...believe it or not. Luckily our Nertz marathon was broken up because we might have played for hours. :) Rick and Amy came over to play some games and have a couple of drinks. We played quite a few games of Apples to Apples, which is my FAVORITE board game ever. Very fun. We went to bed soon after they left and slept late again today.

We had no real plans for today (love that!). Our big trip for the day was to the grocery store (ugh). Our big task for the day was to mate the huge mound of socks that has been piling up above our washer and dryer since we moved in. It feels so much better to have that shelf cleared.

Lots 'o socks to mate.

And for my Valentine's Day gift from the hubby:

Pretty flowers!

Please note the beer glass that they are placed into. Very fitting for our Valentine's Day weekend. I also got conversation hearts (my fave!) and a wife card (yay!!!).

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's weekend.


nertzfan said...

It's cool to see others that know about Nertz. You should definitely check out , the site for the National Nertz Association. There is a bunch of interesting Nertz information, videos, and photos there AND you can play Nertz on-line for free. I recommend it to all Nertz players! So cool. =)

amy said...

I had a blast playing that game!!