Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!!

Adios, Jon.
Jon Gosselin will officially no longer be apart of Jon and Kate Plus 8. In fact, it's going to be called Kate Plus 8.

I started watching the show a couple of years ago. Jon and Kate were still semi-civil at that point. Speculations of divorce starting coming about a year after I started watching. I continued to watch through the train wreck. I felt sorry that it was all at the kid's expense, but there was no changing Kate's mind about the filming of the show.

They kept filming, so I kept watching.
Since the divorce, the show has been different - obviously. Kate seems to be much more content with life. She does what she needs to do for her children. She plans things that they enjoy to do (or they film when she is doing things that make them happy...whatever it may be). She clearly has their well being in mind at all times.
Sorry ass Jon on the other hand, not so much. The limited amount of time that he is actually on the show, he seems to suck as a dad. The kids never seem to enjoy the activities that he has planned for them. He seems completely uninterested in the children. It is actually somewhat painful to what painful to watch.

I will be happy to see him removed from the show. I would, honestly, be happy to to see the entire show cancelled for the sake of the children but I don't anticipate that happening. Those kids are so damn cute though. :)
I know most people don't care about the happenings in the Gosselin family so that is all I will say about that. Oh and goodbye to the Ed Hardy shirts that TLC has to blur out during the taping of the show.

Monday, September 28, 2009

In my next house...

We have only lived in this house for about 15 months and I am already thinking about what I want differently in our next house. This house has been a great starter home, but it has definitely opened my eyes up to what I want/don't want next time.

1. White trim. I never realized how much I dislike wood trim and love white trim until I lived in a house with wood trim. We could paint all the trim in our house a beautifully stark white, but that just seems like a ton of work. :)

2. A separate laundry room. In our house now, the washer and dryer are in our guest bathroom. They are tucked nicely into a little nook, but it's definitely not ideal. I want all laundry related items to have their own separate room. Front loading washer and dryer would be a nice touch as well. :)

3. A large master bathroom. Our master bathroom has a small shower, a toilet and a sink. It is tiny. Justin and I can't hardly be in there at the same time. It's annoying.

4. No linoleum!! We will have tiled bathrooms and kitchen - maybe even some wood floors throughout the house. Absolutely, positively no linoleum. We have that in our kitchen and our bathrooms and I hate it!

A girl can dream, right? Hopefully we will be building our next home so we can get it just how we want it. I am very happy that we didn't build our first home (not that that was a thought of ours) and/or that we did not completely break the bank on our first home. We knew this was going to be a starter home. Now that we have lived here, we are beginning to form better ideas of what we like and don't like. Someday we will have a house exactly how we want it.

Not the most accomplished weekend ever.

We had a great weekend. It was the perfect mixture of business and relaxation. With that being said, I didn't accomplish everything on my list. And the good news about that? We have another weekend at home this coming up weekend (with very little plans). So whatever I didn't get done this past weekend, I can do this weekend. Yay!!

Here is the run down from my list from last week:

-Clean the house -- Check! I cleaned on Friday, but we had to re-straighten up things yesterday because we had family over on Friday and friends on Saturday.
-Do laundry -- Check!
-Catch up on my blog with picture posts -- negative. Oops.
-Clean out my car -- another negative.
-Unpack the suitcases we have been living out of -- negative, again...but I can do that pretty quickly this week before I go to work at 2 in the afternoons.
-Watch college football -- big fat check!
-Balance the check book -- negative, but again that will be something quick to do this week.
-Update iphone/ipod -- semi-check! I only added a couple of new songs and a couple of apps. There are definitely more songs that I to add.
-Grocery shop -- Check!

Not a bad weekend all together. I am looking forward to a very similar weekend coming up. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's time to play catch up. For the first time since before May, we will be at home for 2 weeks in a row. We won't be going home to Columbia, we won't be going out of town to visit any friends, and we don't have much in the way of plans for the next two weekends. I am unusually excited about that. I typically hate to not have plans or something to look forward to. However, I am incredibly anxious to catch up on things that have been put aside for the last few months.

We will of course watch Mizzou play this Friday night. And then this weekend Justin's friend Bill is coming to visit, but that doesn't involve much of anything planned out. The following weekend we might hit up The American Royal (big BBQ thing in KC). Other than that...CATCH UP!

And because I know you are DYING to know what kind of things I need to catch up on - here is my list...

-cleaning the house

-doing laundry - although we have done an all right job at keeping up with this over the weeks.

-catching up the blog with some picture posts

-cleaning out my car

-finally unpacking the suitcases that we have basically lived out of for the last few months.

-get back into the gym routine (this is A MUST!!)

-watching college football. I have missed a lot since I have been to the Mizzou games.

-balance the checkbook (ick)

-update the iphone/iphone

-grocery shop

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I think all of that will keep me quite busy this weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Brother

In the last couple of years, I have become a HUGE Big Brother fan. Tonight was the season finale of the 11th season.

First and foremost, I want to point out Julie Chen's outfit for the evening. She looked like she was wearing a Snuggie. No joke. I know that she is VERY pregnant, but a snuggie look alike???

If you didn't watch it, I can't find a pic of her in the outfit...but trust that it was definitely snugg-a-licious!
Secondly, GO JORDAN!! I was so happy that she won. I thought she was so cute. I would have loved to have seen Jeff win. I think that he played the best game overall, but since he got the boot a couple of weeks ago I had to be team-Jordan.
I was so anti-Natalie that it was not even funny. I was incredibly happy when Ronnie called her out for being the most two-faced liar in the house. She played everyone. She talked about aligning herself with strong competitors. Yeah, she aligned herself with those people so that they would win the competitions and do her dirty work. She never made major moves in the house because she never had to win competitions.
I won't bore anyone with my love of Big Brother anymore, but I cannot wait for the next season (whenever the heck that is!). I might just have to watch some episodes on youtube of previous seasons that I didn't watch.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Justin and I are the proud owners of 2 brand new Apple iPhones 3Gs. We are very excited!
We just got them yesterday afternoon while we were at home in Columbia. We fought over who had to drive the 2 hours home while the other fiddled with their new phone. Needless to say, I won. :)
I am so anxious to find everything out about it. I have an iTouch, but I basically just used it as an ipod. Now I am on the search for the coolest (and free!) apps out there. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
I am sure there will be many blog updates from my iphone...I just have to figure out how to do that. I am sure there is an app for that. Ha!
I was a little sad to dump the Blackberry. It was an AWESOME phone. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get the cutting edge technology. :)
Now that we have iPhones, we are really wishing we would have bought a Mac Book last week when we purchased our new computer. We bought a PC instead. Oh well.
On a budget friendly note - don't buy cell phone accessories from your cell phone provider. Ebay has some FABULOUS! deals. We got a wall charger, 2 car chargers, a computer charger, 6 screen protectors, and a chrome case (pink - can't wait to show that off!!) all for just 17.00. I didn't look at the price of chargers in the store, but the dinky little silicone cases were like $28. No thanks, I will get my stuff off of ebay and save TONS of money.
Keep checking back....my blog should be completely made over sometime this week. It's going to be amazing!!!

And I am not sure why blogger is not formatting this post like I want it. Sorry there are no spaces between the paragraphs. blah, blogger.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

M-I-Z! Z-O-U!

College football started this week and I could not be more excited about that!

I love me some University of Missouri Tigers. I always have and always will. I have to admit that it has been nice being a Mizzou fan when they have been having success in the last few years, but I was a fan during the tough times also. My dad has been taking me to games for as long as I can remember. For all the Mizzou fans out there (anyone?), I can remember the first time that my dad let me and a friend sit on the hill by ourselves. We thought we were hot stuff! :)

Mizzou played in St. Louis Saturday again Illinois. Mizzou v. Illini in STL is a fairly recent tradition. They started doing that in 2002. Last I heard, next year could be the final year of the "contract." It's been nice having a pretty good game as the season opener. I would rather them be tested in the first game than play a rinky dink school and stomp all over them. Although, Mizzou sorta stomped all over Illinois on Saturday. Ha.

There were some great games this weekend on top of the Mizzou game. The Big 12 did well...Oklahoma and Colorado were the only two teams that lost. I am never too sad to see OU lose, but I am VERY sad to see that their QB (Sam Bradford) was injured. That makes me incredibly sad because he chose to stay at OU instead of going to the NFL.

I am just so excited that the season has begun. I could go on and on about it. I am sure there will be more posts as the season goes on. We have season tickets to Mizzou so we get to test those out for the first time this coming up weekend. I am super excited!! :) GO TIGERS!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good ole Facebook!

Once again, I got this amazing piece off of someone else's blog. Someday I will get my own material. Until then, thanks Michelle!! :)

Good stuff!! Haha!!