Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Mile

I have, once again, found another time waster, social network, what have you.

It's basically like facebook for runners and other athletes. I always try to not post every.single. workout that I do on facebook because I know a lot of people don't care. But, I'm excited to share those things with the people who do care or the people it may motivate. Now, I can do that with this website. You can track all of your work outs (not just runs). You can meet other people who run (or whatever you do) in your area, with similar goals, or training for the same races.

I joined a couple of months ago, but I just started logging my workouts since the new year. So Linkfar I really like it. If you are apart of dailymile or are going to join - feel free to "friend" me. JusLyn678 is my name on there.

I am also addicted to pinterest. If you are on there, you can follow me here. I hope that link works.