Monday, September 28, 2009

Not the most accomplished weekend ever.

We had a great weekend. It was the perfect mixture of business and relaxation. With that being said, I didn't accomplish everything on my list. And the good news about that? We have another weekend at home this coming up weekend (with very little plans). So whatever I didn't get done this past weekend, I can do this weekend. Yay!!

Here is the run down from my list from last week:

-Clean the house -- Check! I cleaned on Friday, but we had to re-straighten up things yesterday because we had family over on Friday and friends on Saturday.
-Do laundry -- Check!
-Catch up on my blog with picture posts -- negative. Oops.
-Clean out my car -- another negative.
-Unpack the suitcases we have been living out of -- negative, again...but I can do that pretty quickly this week before I go to work at 2 in the afternoons.
-Watch college football -- big fat check!
-Balance the check book -- negative, but again that will be something quick to do this week.
-Update iphone/ipod -- semi-check! I only added a couple of new songs and a couple of apps. There are definitely more songs that I to add.
-Grocery shop -- Check!

Not a bad weekend all together. I am looking forward to a very similar weekend coming up. :)

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etta said...

It's tough to be productive on the weekends!