Tuesday, September 8, 2009

M-I-Z! Z-O-U!

College football started this week and I could not be more excited about that!

I love me some University of Missouri Tigers. I always have and always will. I have to admit that it has been nice being a Mizzou fan when they have been having success in the last few years, but I was a fan during the tough times also. My dad has been taking me to games for as long as I can remember. For all the Mizzou fans out there (anyone?), I can remember the first time that my dad let me and a friend sit on the hill by ourselves. We thought we were hot stuff! :)

Mizzou played in St. Louis Saturday again Illinois. Mizzou v. Illini in STL is a fairly recent tradition. They started doing that in 2002. Last I heard, next year could be the final year of the "contract." It's been nice having a pretty good game as the season opener. I would rather them be tested in the first game than play a rinky dink school and stomp all over them. Although, Mizzou sorta stomped all over Illinois on Saturday. Ha.

There were some great games this weekend on top of the Mizzou game. The Big 12 did well...Oklahoma and Colorado were the only two teams that lost. I am never too sad to see OU lose, but I am VERY sad to see that their QB (Sam Bradford) was injured. That makes me incredibly sad because he chose to stay at OU instead of going to the NFL.

I am just so excited that the season has begun. I could go on and on about it. I am sure there will be more posts as the season goes on. We have season tickets to Mizzou so we get to test those out for the first time this coming up weekend. I am super excited!! :) GO TIGERS!

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etta said...

I wear Mizzou shirts 9 times out of 10 to work and get tons of crap for it. Of course, I live 30 minutes from the home of the Illini Chiefs. My boss has been giving me a tough time the last few weeks. I can't wait to see him and brag about winning!