Monday, September 28, 2009

In my next house...

We have only lived in this house for about 15 months and I am already thinking about what I want differently in our next house. This house has been a great starter home, but it has definitely opened my eyes up to what I want/don't want next time.

1. White trim. I never realized how much I dislike wood trim and love white trim until I lived in a house with wood trim. We could paint all the trim in our house a beautifully stark white, but that just seems like a ton of work. :)

2. A separate laundry room. In our house now, the washer and dryer are in our guest bathroom. They are tucked nicely into a little nook, but it's definitely not ideal. I want all laundry related items to have their own separate room. Front loading washer and dryer would be a nice touch as well. :)

3. A large master bathroom. Our master bathroom has a small shower, a toilet and a sink. It is tiny. Justin and I can't hardly be in there at the same time. It's annoying.

4. No linoleum!! We will have tiled bathrooms and kitchen - maybe even some wood floors throughout the house. Absolutely, positively no linoleum. We have that in our kitchen and our bathrooms and I hate it!

A girl can dream, right? Hopefully we will be building our next home so we can get it just how we want it. I am very happy that we didn't build our first home (not that that was a thought of ours) and/or that we did not completely break the bank on our first home. We knew this was going to be a starter home. Now that we have lived here, we are beginning to form better ideas of what we like and don't like. Someday we will have a house exactly how we want it.

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etta said...

Ahhh... There are so many things I want to change in our house. Fortunately, they're cosmetic and inexpensive to fix.