Sunday, February 8, 2009

So tired.

I am way too tired to attempt to create a recap post of last night's celebration for Tiffany. I have spent all day trying to recover.
  • Wake up
  • Lay around watching TV, reading, etc.
  • Drive to pick up car
  • Have lunch
  • Drive home
  • Sleep
  • Drive to dinner
  • Eat
  • Drive to movie
  • Watch movie
  • Drive home
  • Sleep
My day of recovering was summed up by this list from my husband. Thanks dear. Clearly, I have spent the day lounging, eating, in the car, and sleeping. Nice. I feel so productive.

I hope to make the said recap post tomorrow (pics included...Tiff, I hope you check them out!!).

We saw "Taken" tonight at the theater with Bill and Stephanie. I will post a review of that in the next couple of days. "nerd alert post" should happen by the end of the weekend as well.

Lots to look forward to, so check back often. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

1 comment:

Katie said...

Oh man... your recovery routine is so familiar to me, lol.