Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The randoms

I thought I good way to start out this blog was to carry over the "25 random things about me" circulating on Facebook. Here are mine (with a few changes and maybe some pictures sprinkled in).

1.I haven't played soccer since my last college game (almost 2.5 years ago, wow!) and I can't think of any moment since that I have missed it. Even watching the Avila girls play in the last couple of seasons, I haven't missed it. I would love love love to coach, but I have no desire to ever play again.
2. I hate sports drinks (Gaterade, etc.)
3. I only like Blue Powerade with Vodka (I realize this contradicts #2).
4. I am a reality show junky. The only show that I watch that is not reality is "Grey's Anatomy." Sad, I know.
5. I had my first "real" soccer injury during a fun tournament the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. A girl from the other team and I butted heads while jumping in the air for a ball. I still have the shirt that I used to stop the bleeding from the gash above my eye.
6. I have never been an "everything happens for a reason" type of person. I have had some in depth conversations with friends and family about this...some more heated than others. I do not, however, judge people who are these types of people as one of my good friends has this phrase tattooed on her foot.Me and H.

7. I used to skip out of studying because Justin wouldn't study and do well on tests....I however, did not do as well.
8. I was a safety patrol officer in elementary school...fully equipped with the orange sash.
9. We had a bride and groom kewpie cake topper (and another one sitting on the cake table) for our wedding cake. I don't think anyone noticed that and it was by far one of my favorite details from our wedding.
10. I like my steak medium rare.
11. I can remember the first time hearing "Amazed" by Lonestar on the radio. I was in 9th grade on the bus to go to an away basketball game. A couple of days before that, Justin had told me how much that song reminded me of him. I love that I can still remember that moment and that it was our wedding song. <3
12. I used to hate sour cream. Now I love it.
13. I started trying out for volleyball in 6th grade, but quit a couple of days into because all of my friends had already been playing for a couple of years. I ended up just being the manager so I could still hang out with my friends.
14. I feel incredibly lucky for the family that I married into. They are awesome (not so random, as everyone already knows my love for them).And this is just one side of my married into fam. :)
15. I once got separated from my mom in the Independence shopping center during Christmas time. oops.
16. I love the smell of tide and wish they would make a Tide candle.
17. I pop my hips and it looks like I'm leaning over to fart :) <--stole this one from (my sister-in-law) paula
18. I am not of fan of all things domestic. I am just now startingg to like to cook, but I definitely hate to clean.
19. I have slept with a stuffed animal for as long as I can remember...and still do.
20. I eat honey with my chicken nuggets.
21. I worked at Taco Bell from the time I was 16 until the summer before my sophomore year of college. I loved it!
22. All of the things that I hated about my hometown growing up, I miss like crazy now. I hope to move back there in the next few years...and this may come sooner than expected.
23. Whenever I have kids, I am really excited to have a girl so I can dress in her lots of pink (although I hated when my mom dressed me in pink, and dresses, and frills).
24. I have been in 4 accidents in my life and only one has been my fault...knock on wood.
25. I met some really great, lifelong friends at Avila...including my bestfriend KLN.


Molly said...

re: #16 - I'm not sure how similar it is since I haven't bought Tide in awhile, but Yankee Candle has a scent called Clean Cotton that you might like!

Lynsey Kaye said...

I have a couple of those candles. They smell pretty good, but they are not quite the same scent.