Monday, February 9, 2009

M-I-Z! Z-O-U!

Yeah Missouri!! Way to go!!

Mizzou just beat Kansas. The Missouri/Kansas rivalry is HUGE!! I am not a big basketball fan (read: I don't follow basketball until we do our march madness brackets at work), but I definitely pay attention when Mizzou plays Kansas.

The final score tonight: 62-60. Kansas had a 14 point lead at half. A Mizzou guy hit a shot with 1.3 seconds left to win the game. Yahooooo!!!

The winning shot!!

The Mizzou crowd that rushed the court after the game. Yeah, this game is a BIG DEAL.

Congrats to the U. of Missouri...and I'm sorry to Kansas (ha, no I'm not!!). :):):)

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