Saturday, May 16, 2009

The time has come...

I could no longer stand my new pudgy body. It was depressing. And depressing in a way that was making me gain more weight and get more flabby. Not good. Justin and I finally decided to join a gym near our house. I had cancelled my membership around August of last year. I had not been to the gym in 9 MONTHS!! Holy cow!!

I was warned about the freshman 15 when I went to college. I started down a path to gain those 15 pounds, but luckily I was a student-athlete so I never gained that much. I was not, however, warned about the post-wedding 10(ish). I was in GREAT shape for our wedding and I worked really hard to get there. Then what do I do when the wedding is over?? Oh, completely disregard my previously successful work out routine.

I have decided to set a goal date. This will be the day when all of my backfat, love handles, and whatever else that is hanging over my jeans - it will be gone. That date is 4th of July. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by that day. That would be a better possibility if I could adjust my diet. That's my big struggle with weight lose - my diet. I don't mind working out, but I hate restricting my diet. I like to eat. Bottom line. :)

We joined yesterday and I had my first work out yesterday. It felt great to finally be in the gym again. Each cardio machine has its own little TV screen so you can watch whatever you want. At our old gym, there were about 5 TVs near the cardio machines that were preset. You had to hope that you could get on a machine within viewing distance of the TV you want to watch. It was a pain because that gym was always crowded. This is a smaller gym that is not too crowded. I am anxious to see some results, but I am going to try not to look at the scale or do any measurements (except for my starting weight and measurements that I did yesterday) for at least a week or two.

Here are some pics of gym. It's pretty spiffy.

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amy said...

yeah!! we like this gym. haven't been in almost a month so looking forward to resuming our workouts tomorrow!