Friday, May 29, 2009


Have you ever played the drinking game moose?? Wow, lots 'o fun! And lots 'o drinkin'.

Get an ice cube tray. You bounce a quarter towards the tray. If the quarter lands on the left side of the tray, you take that many drinks (I.em 2 from you, you drink 2). If it lands on the right side, you take that many drinks.

If the quarter lands in the slot farthest from you, then you put your hands to your temple (making the motion of moose ears). The last person to do this, has to drink the partially filled cup of beer (or whatever it is partially filled with). If the quarter does not land in a slot, bit lands in the middle of the tray then you make a rule. If someone makes their quarter in the partially filled cup then that person makes someone else drink the cup full.

So there are the rules. Ask if you have questions. Have fun!!...we sure do. :):)

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