Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Justin's birthday.

Here is one of my promised posts....

I planned a surprise birthday party for Justin. It took place on May 9th which was a couple of days before his birthday. My grand plan was to have our family come to KC and have some friends surprise him as well. I wanted everyone to surprise him at the golf course. The guys would go play golf and the girls would do whatever to get ready for the rest of the day.

This plan sort of happened. Some of our family came. His parents and brothers were all there. My dad was not able to come because my brother had a baseball tournament. A couple of his friends who had planned on being there were not able to show up. So the only friend that was able to golf was Brian. That was fine. He was surprised none the less.

Justin and Brian.

There was one little snag in the plan about a week before everyone came. Justin was invited to a work BBQ and he was very excited about going. He is newly interested into meat smoking and this is what his coworker was doing so he wanted to be apart of that. I was very concerned that he would be disappointed that I had planned all of this and he would not be able to go to the BBQ. I made sure his coworker knew that he would not be coming. Luckily, Justin was not disappointed.

I had the family surprise him at our house since getting him to the golf course would have been impossible otherwise. The guys golfed and the girls went to lunch, did a little shopping, and prepared for the BBQ at our house. When the guys got done golfing they came home and BBQed. It was a fun night of a couple of drinks, rockband, Apples to Apples, friends, and family.

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Michelleigh said...

I'm so glad this surprise party worked out for you! I know you were concerned about the other BBQ... It looks like it was a great time!