Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh dang!

The weekend is upon us...FINA-FREAKING-LY! It's crazy that many work weeks seem like they drag on, but here we are at the 2nd of May. The 5th month in 2009. Crazy.

This weekend is going to be a blast. I am so excited. Beth and I are leaving for Springfield tomorrow morning to visit H. This is our first time visiting her down there...she always comes to KC to see us.

The three of us together are a trip. We have so much fun together. This weekend won't be any different, I am sure of it. Apparently Springfield has a Cinco De Mayo pub crawl tomorrow evening. If the weather cooperates (which really is not looking good), we will be participating in that. I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow. I will, of course, miss the husband (cheese ball, I know)...but I will deal.

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etta said...

Have fun in Springfield!