Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Talk about a terrible blogger. Jeeze. It has been almost a week since my last update. And I have to admit that my last couple of posts have been pretty ho-hum and had very little substance. To be honest, I anticipate that this one won't be changing that pattern.

So - our last weekend adventures...

We went home (to Columbia, MO). We have had this trip planned for a couple of weeks. My little brother's baseball team was doing a trivia night (plus silent auction and live auction) for a fundraiser. We definitely wanted to participate in that so we made sure to mark our calendars.

Friday evening we visited my dad, stepmom, and little brother. We watched the NCAA tournament. There were some nail biters that night which was entertaining.

Saturday we lounged around at my dad's and then went to Justin's folk's. We had to be back at my dad's at 4:30 for happy hour before trivia.

We got there right on time - drinks in hand, food on board, and ready to get the night started.

We left my dad's and headed to trivia night. I warned everyone prior to arriving that I had NO skills when it came to trivia. I just don't have a lot of useless information floating around in my head. I feel like I don't even have room for the stuff that I really need to know - let alone the random stuff.

Needless to say, I was the person that wrote the answers. I knew a few answers, but everyone else shouted them out before me. I was hoping to know at least one answer that no one else knew. No such luck for me.

Trivia was a great time all in all. We got 4th place. Of course 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last got prizes. I think the judges miscounted. The score they gave us just didn't add up to the score we thought we should have received. I am sure the alcohol had no influence on this. :)

When we left trivia, we went to Justin's parent's friend's house (did you follow that?? :)). They were hosting a belated St. Patty's Day party. As I may or may not have mentioned before, St. Patty's Day is one of my favorite holidays - probably a close 2nd to 4th of July and just ahead of Cinco De Mayo.

We had an absolute blast there. We laughed, sang, danced, drank - just had a great time.

I would like to put out a word of caution, however, at this point. Tambourines are dangerous weapons. I used the tambourine to help with my singing and dancing and I sure did pay for that on Sunday. I woke up with the palms of my hands in EXTREME pain and slightly bruised. On top of the painful palms, I had about 10-12 small bruises on my right hip. Here I am 4 days later and my palms are just now feeling back to normal and bruisless (it's a word now, I say so). The bruises on my legs are still there, but not as tender.

Just be careful the next time you are using a tambourine - it hurts if you are a huge ham like myself.

We were out until 4am so needless to say we slept very late on Sunday. We lounged around and attempted to get rid of headaches (and palm pain) for the first couple of hours. Mizzou played that evening so we went to my dad's to watch that game. It was an intense 2nd half and a major nail biter. I did not appreciate the anxiety they caused me. I was in enough pain from my hangover and tambourine extravaganza - I did not need anxiety added to it. They did, however, win so that was good. They play Memphis tomorrow. EEEK!! :)

So yeah, there was our weekend in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting. I promise I will write something worth reading one of these days. Keep with me for a bit - I will get used to blogging soon, I hope.

I have everyone had a great hump day. It's almost the weekend!!

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