Friday, March 13, 2009

America's Next Top Model...and hair.

I always DVR America's Next Top Model. I usually don't get into the show until later in the season. However, I always love watching the make over show...which was this week.

When I watch the make over show, I always wonder what they would do with my hair if I were on the show (ha, like that would ever happen!!).

Watching this week, there were 2 girls that stood out to me. I loved what they did to their hair. Unfortunately, these are the only pics that I could find on the internet so deal with it.

I love the super short hair on her.

I would love to have super short hair, but I really don't think it would work for me. Considering the comment in this pic says that she went from limp hair. I definitely don't have limp hair. In fact, it can be annoyingly thick.

I heart her red hair.

I would also love to have all over red hair like this girl. For the last couple of times I have had my hair done, I have added more and more red to it. The problem with red in my hair is that it fades super quick and I don't have the funds to keep up with it (much like trying to keep up with being a blonde without roots). I have, however, tossed around the idea of going all over red the next time I am due for a color.

What do you think? Could I pull off super short? Or would all over red be better? Or a little of both? Or neither??

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am up for just about anything as far as my hair color goes. I have had just about every color you could think of in my hair (except blue, orange, or green). I loved having pink in my hair, but it was not the most professional color....but if I could have any color, it would be dark brown with pink (i.e. the pic of me on the right).

The only thing I have never been up to is chopping all my hair off. I have had hair about to the tip of my shoulder blade and as short as to my chin and anywhere in between. Super short has crossed my mind, but never made its way to reality.

Who knows, maybe my next hair post (I should be due in about 4-6 weeks) will be a dramatic change.


Renee said...

I think the red would be really pretty on you!

I was also a fan of those makeovers, especially Fo's .

fotocutr said...

Ran across your post searching for model makeover. I do cyber makeovers and did a couple of you with short red hair.

Anonymous said...

I ran across this web site. THis couple seems very similar to you. She also has the short red hair.

I also put her style on you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ik this thread is old, but go to a beauty supply and buy shampoo and conditioners that deposit red with every wash. Keeps red from fading out in between colors