Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big 12 Champs!!!

Yeah Mizzou basketball!!! Big 12 champions!!

This definitely makes up for the embarrassing lose they had at KU.

KU ended up being the regular season conference champs and then MU won the Big 12 Tournament. Basketball is weird. I, obviously, prefer football.

I will admit, I have jumped on the basketball bandwagon. My dad used to take me to games when I was younger and I enjoyed following the team when Norm Stewart was the coach. Once Quin Snyder took over, the team when down hill...and in a hurry. At that point, I stopped watching or caring. Players were constantly getting in trouble with the law and they were not winning games. There were very few people who did no lose interest during that time. The crowd turn out got to be so dismal that it was almost sad to see the empty stands on television.

I am glad to see that they are having sell out games again. With that being said, I will be back on the Mizzou bandwagon. Of course, I will never be as much of a basketball fan as I am a football fan...but this is a start. :)

The day after being crowned conference champs the team found out their fate in the NCAA tournament. Their were awarded with the #3 seed. They will face the #14 team in their bracket, Cornell on Friday.
We always do NCAA bball tourney brackets at work. I have begun my research to help me fill out my bracket (or 2...or 3) in the next couple of days. I will put my (favorite) bracket on my blog and let everyone know how it turns out for me.