Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I just randomly looked back at one of my first couple of posts (in February). I remembered giving a shout out to my followers and I was curious how many I had started with....

Yeah, I started with a total of 7 followers. I felt pretty cool to even have that many.

And here I am - 8 months later - and that number has grown to 33. I feel famous now. Haha, jk.
So to my 33 followers and anyone else who randomly stops by my blog: Feel free to leave comments (love 'em). I am always looking for more blogs to take a look at so just leave a random comment directing me to your blog. And last, but not least, please feel free to leave me a comment (at any time) about something you might want me to blog about.

I run out of ideas pretty quickly about topics to blog about and my life isn't really that exciting to talk about - so what do you want to read about??

So, yeah...a big fat shout out to my growing list of followers!!

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etta said...

Hooray for having 34 bloggers!