Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

As I said in my last post, I am not a huge Halloween fan. When I was younger, all of my costumes were store bought. I think if there were some creativity involved, then I might have enjoyed the costumes a bit more.

We basically went to Walmart a couple of weeks before Halloween, got a random costume, trick-or-treated the night of, and had candy for months.

There was no real thrill for me...except in kindergarten when I was PeeWee Herman. I loved that costume. All of the pictures are at my mom's otherwise I would share them. I used to LOVE PeeWee. I may or may not still rent the movies from time to time.
As time went on, Halloween still wasn't a big deal for me. When I got to college, it was a HUGE deal amongst many of the people I went to school with. I don't even remember dressing up for Halloween in high school so I was pretty surprised when I realized how big of a deal Halloween was in college.

However, Halloween was a big deal because girls got to dress in the most sluttiest (word? or no?) outfits and call it a costume. There certainly was NO thrill in that for me. I preferred to keep my TnA covered, if ya know what I mean. First of all I don't have T to flaunt so that takes away that option. I do have the A, but I like it clothed.

Really?? Does she have to have to have that short of skirt on? Granted, she has the body...which 80% of the time the girls in these costumes most definitely do not.

Some of the girls I played soccer with and myself decided that we would create/buy the most conservative, goofy, and dorky costumes ever. My freshman year, we were clowns. We bought costumes that came with a big hula-hoop thing so we would have very round middle sections. I will post a pic of that some other time (I am stuck at work right now with no facebook access...oh the horror!!). We had a blast being the only girls not dressing skimpy. We got some funny looks which was almost the best part. It's like people never in a million years expected anyone to show up with that much covered.
To this day Halloween is just another day for me. I do like going out and being with friends on Halloween. I like seeing the creativity in some people's costumes. I just hate seeing girls in skimpy outfits...especially the ones that really should not be in skimpy outfits.

Creative? VERY! Hilarious? VERY! Slightly disturbing? Maybe a little. :)

I will admit that my costume for tonight is a bit more skimpy than any other costume I have had. The skirt is a little short, but I have very opaque black leggings to wear. I am going to be a punk rocker. Should pictures be taken, I will post them. Unfortunately my camera and the camera on my phone are both broken so I will not be taking any photos tonight.

So I hope this Halloween blog post finds you well, on a sugar high, and decked out in an amazing costume! Enjoy! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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