Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So about 3 weeks ago I got an iPhone...remember?

Things have been going great with the phone - I LOVE IT! The problem came this weekend when I dropped it in a cup of beer. I don't even drink beer. This may have been the 5th time in my life that I have drank beer and this is what happens. Needless to say, beer is once again off my radar. Ugh.

Soon after the accident, my phone was doing wacky things. It wouldn't turn off, then it would turn off on its own, it wouldn't reset, etc. When I got home that evening I submerged my phone in a bag of uncooked rice (thanks to my friend's roommate's suggestion). I left it overnight.

And MUCH to my surprise, when I plugged it into iTunes the next day IT WORKED!! I could not have been more excited. I was completely freaking out because At&t does not offer accidental insurance for iPhones (UGH!).

The only issue I had once the phone started to work again was that there was moisture in the camera lens. So any pic I tried to take was foggy and not good. A few hours went by the day after the accident and all moisture was out of the lens area. AWESOME....only not. Now the camera shutter will not open. I tried to restore my phone back to factory settings, but it still won't work. I guess I can't complain because everything else works just fine.

I am hoping that some day the camera will just start magically working. :) I don't know how to check to see if the water sensor has turned colors. If, for some reason, the beer missed the sensor then I would take it to an Apple store to try to get them to fix it. But, since there is water damage my warranty is void...I believe.

Now that this HUGE scare has happened, I am going to look into getting a rider on our home owner's insurance for our phones (some companies offer it, some don't). We need to do the same for our new television as well.

If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get my camera back working and/or how to tell if the water damage sensor was missed somehow - let me know.


Megan said...

The water sensor is usually under the battery. Maybe open yours and take the battery out and compare it to someones whose phone didn't take a beer-swim :)

Lynsey Kaye said...

I would do this if the iphone was simple to take apart. It requires a special tool...or patience...something like that. ha.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Bummer. Good trick with the rice though, I'd never heard that one! Hope the camera magically fixes itself soon!

Amanda said...

I dropped my phone into a glass of water last spring. I thought it was done for, but the bag of rice worked for me too. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, my camera's still blurry. We have Verizon and I'm up for a new phone in March, I'm kind of hoping Verizon has the iPhone by then.

Glad your phone is working!