Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day.

I wish I had some great April Fool's joke to post on my blog, but I am not feeling very creative today.

I considered posting a picture of a positive pregnancy test, but when I checked my blog roll I realized that LJKC had already done this. I wanted to be original...again, no creativity cloud above me today.

I did, however, send a picture of a positive pregnancy test to my bestfriend (katie) in an e-mail. I am pretty sure she didn't even believe me from the get go. She made me "swear on our friendship" - she always gets me with this one, ugh. I, of course, couldn't do that. I tried to be all dramatic and say that I would not put it on our friendship because that would mean it was real. I acted completely freaked out and not wanting it to be true, blablabla. I concluded that I was over-dramatic and that killed it. She assured me that she knew right away I was playing a prank because I would never e-mail her with news like that. She is right. She would be one of the first people that I called. Oh well. That was my attempt at an April Fool's joke.

I have done the whole pregnancy thing on Facebook and telling our parents over the last couple of years so that is pretty much played out. I am hoping that when we do find out we are pregnant that it will be around April Fool's Day so no one will believe me.

I have to start brainstorming now for next year. I need new material. :)

Does anyone have any good stories about this year's April Fools or even pranks played in the past??


ljkc said...

Hahahaha - my Mom, Dad and both Brothers called in upon viewing yesterday's entry and all said, "You only had me for half a second because you would never tell us baby news that way..."

Good friends and family know us all too well... ;)


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