Sunday, April 19, 2009

Le sigh...

We bought our house in July/August last year. At that point we were sure we wanted to stay in the Kansas City area for a few more years; if not forever(ish).

A couple of months ago, Justin was pursuing a very good job in Columbia (our hometown). It was during that time that we both decided that Columbia was where we wanted to be. Columbia was where we wanted to raise our children. The obvious problem was that we just bought our house, the market sucks, and it would be close to impossible to sell our home quickly and without losing a bunch of money.

That job ended up falling through - I am sure thanks to the economy. We were both very bummed as we had this grand plan of him living in Columbia while I lived in KC until we sold our house and/or I found a job in Columbia. Ever since that point, our trips home are bittersweet. We, obviously, love visiting or families but it just makes our desire to move back home that much more.

We have accepted the fact that we need to stay in Kansas City for the next 3 years or so. We have made plans to do some home improvements to make our home in KC that much better for when we are ready to sell it.

Our feelings of wanting to live in Columbia come and go with different scenarios. Today was one of those days that it came pretty hard core for me. I just received a text message from my dad that my 10 year old brother, Rian, would be pitching in the championship game today. It really sucks not being able to be there for that. Right now is when I want to live in Columbia so we can go to all of Rian's games.


etta said...

I miss Columbia, too. Each time we drive through, I wave and say 'Hi Columbia... Bye Columbia..." :(

Angie said...

Guess what....we're going through the same thing now. We're having major second thoughts about moving back home (at least for now). The economy is terrible, and there are no jobs to be had where we want to go. We might stay around here for a few more years like you said and then go back home when things get better. We'll go through this all together! :)