Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feel 'em...

"Hot pink!"




"Green and white polka dots!"

If you have been on facebook today, you might have noticed statuses with random colors posted. And if you are like myself, you were wondering what the heck was going on around the crazy world of facebook. My curiosity lead me to the internet. After a quick google search, I got an answer!

This is an attempt to raise awareness for breast cancer. Apparently it started in the Detroit area. Women were messaging other women telling them to post the color of their bra in their facebook status. Apparently, word has now spread all around the world. I have a few Michigan friends, but many of my lady friends on facebook are doing this and they are from all around. It's pretty cool that this has spread like this.

My first thought was, "well how does this raise awareness for breast cancer?" After some pondering, I realized that it caught my attention. And hey, if someone is taking a peek down their shirt to see the color of their bra maybe they will think to do a quick self exam and just "feel 'em" real quick.

Although some of the copies of the messages that were being sent mentioned not telling men about this - make sure that you keep your guys in check about this as well. Men can get breast cancer too.

Breast cancer month is in October, but it's still important to have it in the back of your mind at all times. I think this is especially true because this is a type of cancer that you can essentially detect for yourself. So "feel 'em" ladies (and gentlemen).

By the pink! :)

ETA: And you know what I love about this ploy to raise awareness on facebook? No pressure!! I have seen many different people post things in their statuses about, "post this as your status to raise awareness for XYZ. Most people are ashamed, won't do this, etc. so let's see if you are man enough to post this." That just bugs. It definitely doesn't make me want to repost that status.

After all of these bra color posts today, I just saw a status that just annoyed the heck out of me.
"Put this as your status if you or
someone you know has suffered XYZ.
The majority won't put it on,
because unlike cancer, XYZ is taboo...."
Why put "unlike cancer, blabla is taboo"???? Bugs. /vent

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