Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ugh, gas money.

Justin and I have been traveling back to Columbia A LOT lately. As I balanced our checkbook today, I realized just what that is doing to our bank account. Holy cow, we are spending a shit ton of money on gas money to make these trips.

To put it into terms, we spent about $334 in gas in the month of July. We typically budget about $200 a month for gas. So we spent over $130 more than usual on gas in one month. That is just nuts!!

Granted, one week looked like this: we drove to Columbia on a Friday night, drove back Sunday, Justin went to Columbia Wednesday for an interview, he drove back that night, we drove to Columbia Friday to stay for the weekend, and then we drove back on Sunday. That was an abnormal week, but it definitely was a contributor to our increased gas budget for the month of July.

If nothing else this definitely helps us realize that we REALLY want to move back to Columbia. We will save quite a bit of money on gas alone whenever we are able to move back.

Unfortunately for us, the frequent trips are not going to slow down anytime soon. We have season tickets to the University of Missouri Tigers (in Columbia, of course) so we will be traveling back there quite often in the fall as well.


etta said...

Ugh, I am JEALOUS! I really wish we lived closer so that we could get season tickets. I'm hoping we can make it back for homecoming this year, as we didn't get back for any games last season!

Angie said...

I completely know what you mean going over budget on gas! It also sucks putting all that mileage on the cars. I keep watching your blog for updates on Justin's job search. I hope you get some good news soon!