Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Text from last night.

This is the "Foster Following" version of the website textsfromlastnight.com.

I was about to leave work at about 11:15pm when I got a text from Justin...

(913): Your dog just farted out loud. Twice.

I laughed out loud for probably 5 minutes when I read this. She has been known to let out the little poof from time to time, but the fact that he sent me a text about it cracks me up.

It is also funny that when she does something odd, bad, or disgusting she is all of a sudden my dog. When she does something awesome, good, or pleasant then she is his dog.

Of course when I got home tonight, she was sprawled out across the couch. When I walked in, she just lifted her head up and gave me a look like, "oh hey, welcome home. Don't bug me..I'm tired. Oh and I'm gassy."

I love her.

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