Thursday, June 4, 2009


For some reason my blog roll (or whatever its called) to the right is not updated correctly. It should show newly updated blogs from the people that I follow. Well, it's not. It's stuck on about 2 days ago. It doesn't matter what computer I am checking from, it's not updating at all. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Other news...

I have decided (VERY LAST MINUTE) to do a garage sale this weekend. We have wanted to do one since we moved in last July, but we didn't get a chance to before the end of garage sale season (is there such a thing?) last year. I wanted to do it this spring, but ran out of time. And here we are, the beginning of summer, and we are going to finally get it done. It will be open 6A to 12P and 3p-6p tomorrow and then again 6A to 12P on Saturday. I pretty much made this decision today that we would be having this sale. Turns out, it is our neighborhood garage sale this weekend. I guess it would help if we knew many of our neighbors. The last minuteness is no big deal because all things we wanted to get rid of have been sitting in boxes in our 3rd bedroom since we moved. All we had to do was put price tags on things and organize them on tables. No big deal. Now, ask me on Saturday afternoon if t was really no big deal. Whatever is not sold will be donated to Goodwill. And we have LOTS OF CRAP that we are selling. So if nothing else, Goodwill is going to be getting one heck of a donation.

And the big news of this weekend...IT'S OUR FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I am super excited about that. I cannot even believe that it has been an entire year since our wedding. That is just nuts. I feel like it just happened - or never happened at all since the day went by so quickly. I will dedicate a whole post to our first year of wedded bliss some other time. We have a fun Saturday afternoon/evening planned...once the garage sale is over (ugh).

Happy weekend to everyone. Happy anniversary to us. And please send some good vibes our way in hopes that we make lots of money at our garage sale.

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Megan said...

Your blog roll looks OK to me...

Happy anniversary and post about your earnings/experience with the garage sale!