Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage sale.

This is how I felt during my garage sale. :)

This past weekend I had my garage sale. I say I had my garage sale because Justin wanted nothing to do with it. He would rather throw stuff away and just donate it right away. He's got a great heart...buuuuuuut we could use the money. Even if it's not much, we could use it for our anniversary celebration.

I didn't start gathering and pricing things until Thursday morning. That was a mistake. I could have used much more time to go through all of our things. When we moved into our house in July we had tons of junk that we knew we needed to get rid of. Our plan was to have a garage sale, but we never found the time in the year of '08. We were pushing into the hottest days of the summer, so I decided this had to be the weekend. Plus, our neighborhood was having a neighborhood wide sale. Score!

I opened the sale at 6am on Friday (WTF was I thinking??). I don't think I had a customer until about 8. Great, I could have slept in a couple more hours. From 6a until 12p, I think I made $40. Woo-freaking-hoo. That was HARDLY worth the effort of digging through boxes, pricing items, waking up at 5:30am, and setting up tables and things.

I had the great idea to open it back up from 3p-6p to target the people that might want to shop on their way home from work. What a HORRIBLE idea. I had one customer who purchased items totalling $2. Blah.

Saturday was a new day and I thought more people would be out shopping on a Saturday. I was correct, but I thought they would be out MUCH more. I decided to open at 8 on Saturday instead of 6 since opening at 6 on Friday was pointless.

At noon on Saturday we counted the money and we had made a total of $100 for the weekend. And here I say we count the money and we had made a total of $100 because Justin was now interested in the sale when I was figuring out the earnings. $100 was good enough. I was done dealing with the sale.

We packed everything into boxes to take to Goodwill. We have 3 huge moving boxes full of stuff. A lot of it is clothes...apparently people don't buy clothes from a garage sale much. Oh well.

The good news is that the $100 paid for our comedy show tickets, movie tickets (to Hangover, HILARIOUS!!), and our drinks that we had after the comedy show. Not too bad.

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Mrs. M said...

I'm doing a garage sale with my mom and sister in a few weeks. I HATE HATE HATE running garage sales, but alas, it's a necessity. At least you made some money!