Friday, April 27, 2012


I feel like I am currently in pretty decent shape.  I could probably go out and run 13+ miles without much thought.  It may not be quick and it certainly wouldn't be a PR, but I could do it. 

When I do my long runs, I can typically power up the hills.  Well, that "power" comes when I am at a slower pace, for me.  I ran a 5k last weekend that was rather hilly, or so I thought.  I managed to squeak out a 49 second PR (OMG!!), but when I mentioned to my pacer (he will be mentioned in that recap) that I hated those hills he suggested I must be a hill wimp.

Point taken.  I am, most definitely, a hill wimp.  I can rock them if I'm going at a super slow pace.  I can manage if I'm rocking a decent pace.  And, come to find out, I can kick their asses if I'm being paced towards a HUGE 5k PR with someone pushing me.

I just personally feel like I have more to give on hills.  Of course, during a longer distance (ie a half marathon) I am going to slow my pace a bit on hills.  However, that shouldn't be a major decrease in pace as it seems to have been in recent races...thank you garmin connect for showing me my splits, elevation chart, and pace vs that elevation chart.

Starting this past week - I'm doing some hill training.  Basically my training consists of:
1 mile warm up
Easy(ish) pace up a decent hill
Recover down the hill
10k pace up that same hill
Recover down the hill
Another 10k pace up the hill
Recover downhill
Easy(ish) pace up the hill
Recover downhill

My first hill work out was only 2 miles, but I was beat when I was done.  That's tough work.  However, I can't wait to see that hard work pay off on future hills.  I really hope to continue this and have a hill work out once a week.  I plan to mix up the hills so I don't just get used to one particular hill.

 A wise-guy (literally), my 5k PR pacer, told me, " You should do more hills. Don't be scared of them, embrace them. They hurt, they're hard, and they suck, but they also make you faster."  So, I'm taking that to heart.  

Bring it, stupid hills!

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