Friday, December 2, 2011


It's no secret that money is tight in the Foster household. We are paying a mortgage and a rent payment right now. It sucks. I am always looking for ways to save money. I always check just to see what kind of deals she has posted every couple of days. Last week I decided to watch some of her videos on couponing. I was inspired. I clipped some coupons in Sunday's paper and did some shopping today.

My purchases....

I got:
-6 sticks of Dove deodorant
-1 stick of Gillette deodorant for Justin
-3 bars of Dove soap
-2 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
-2 bottles of Gillette body wash
-1 box of zip-loc sandwich bags
-3 bottles of Dawn dish soap
-a box of 25 Vanish dishwasher finishing bars (kind of like jet-dry)
-2 wicker baskets
-2 off brand air fresheners

My original total was $72.XX. My total after coupons, store discounts, etc. was $45.XX. I was pretty happy with that. Those 6 sticks of Dove deodorant for me would have been $24 on their own...I got them for $12. Niiiiice.

If you don't shop at Walgreen's and/or clip their coupons in their Sunday ad - YOU SHOULD. I really look forward to stacking manufacturers coupons on top of Walgreen's coupons to really save some mula. Justin was very excited about my savings too so that's fun. I know that I can do even better than my savings today and I am so excited to get Sunday's paper now. :)

Do you coupon?

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amy said...

that's awesome! I need to get back in the habit of clipping coupons!