Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poor timing.

All of the patients that I have done x-rays on today must think I am the most annoying person on the planet. It is towards the end of my shift and I have caught myself saying something in affect of, "oh, this injury/illness/ect. probably couldn't have come at any worse time for you? I am sorry this happened to you so close to the holiday."

After recognizing that I had said it to the last couple of patients, I thought back...yep, sure enough, I must have said it to 80% of my patients. I feel like an ass. Not that there is a good time to get sick or hurt, but obviously around the holidays makes things even more tough.

With that being said, we were busy as heck tonight. We had a broken humerus, a broke wrist, a broken neck, and some very sick people. It makes me incredibly thankful for the health of myself and my loved ones.

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I hope you get to eat lots of great food and spend some good times with your families. Much love to all of you.

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